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Spaghetti with diced tomato and basil sauce - 11/6/08


It is finally Thursday, my last day of cooking during week day (I rarely cook on Friday).  So Tonight for dinner it will a really simple dinner without any  compromise on the taste.  I am making a Spaghetti with dice tomato and basil sauce.  It is actually a very healthy dish and the vibrant color of the tomato and basil sauce is definitely very appetizing.

  This dish is so easy and so fast to prepare.  It requires only 4 ingredients (tomato, shallot, basil and white wine) and it can be ready in less than 20 minutes.


I usually add some grated Parmesan, a little dash of pepper flake on top of the sauce.


Are the colors simply gorgeous?  The canned tomatoes are usually very tasty and the basil added a freshness to the dish.


Preparation work..

Thinly sliced shallots are added to a lightly oil  skillet

I am cooking the shallots until they turned brown

White wine is added into the skillet and brought up to a boil until the wine is completely evaporated.


Diced tomatoes are added in the skillet.  I usually use only canned tomatoes but this time I added fresh tomatoes because I just happen to have so many in the fridge and wanted to used them all. 

The sauce is then brought to a simmer and basil is added.

My pot of spaghetti with garlic and butter is ready to be served.

Spooning the spaghetti into a large bow..

Here I am adding the tomato and basil sauce to the Spaghetti and we are ready to eat.

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