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Miniature Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Quiche- 12/12/08


I actually did not originally intend to make this appetizer to bring to Trung's/Ha's party!  But after making the Tuscan Mushrooms, I have so many mushroom's stems left, and I did not want to throw them away, so I decided to bake a quiche where mushrooms is called for in the recipe.  So here I am making a miniature caramelized onion and mushroom quiche.

Since all of us are watching our waist, I decided to use Phyllo dough (less carb)as a crust instead of the traditional tart dough.


The quiches turned to be very good! The caramelized onion enhanced the flavor of the quiche.


Can't resist...I have to try at least one!


Preparation work..

Slicing the mushrooms into a thin layer

Onions are sliced and sautéed.

It takes about 10 minutes or so for the onions to caramelized


Then mushrooms are added

The mixture is done when the mushrooms are soft and they have released all their juices.


Next, eggs and cream are added.  The filling of the quiche is now completed.

I am cutting the Phyllo dough into long strips and then brushed them with melted butter.

The strips are cut into thirds and then they are inserted to fit my tiny muffin mold.

Filling the Phyllo dough whith the quiche mixture.

The quiches are going in the oven for about 20 minutes

Taking them out of the oven. All I need to do is to unmold them and they are ready to be served.


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