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Salade de Carottes râpées-12/29/12

Salade de carottes râpées (grated carrot salad) is a very simple salad to make and there are only two ingredients: carrots and Italian parsley.  This dish barely cost anything but trust me it is big in flavor. The traditional way to make this salad is to grate the carrots.  I like to have a little crunch when I bite into the carrots so I cut the carrots into julienne instead.  


In France the dressing for this salad is very simple.  It is just a combination of Lemon juice, olive oil, a bit of sugar, salt and freshly ground pepper. 

Mine dressing is a bit different!   I use orange juice instead of lemon, and added a bit of Dijon mustard to the dressing.  The orange juice flavor are really nice and fresh when you eat the salad.

I had friends over and served the Salade de carottes râpées together with roasted beets, and Céleriac rémoulade.

Preparation work..


2 large carrots

A few sprigs of Italian Parsley chopped coarsely


Juice of half an orange

2 tablespoons oil

pepper and salt

1 teaspoon of Dijon Mustard

Peel washed carrots and cut off the bottom and top ends. Cut the carrot into 4 to 5 inches long. With the carrot on your work surface, slice off a small piece of the curved side, creating a flat surface. Lay the carrot on its flat side and square off the other three sides. Slice the carrot lengthwise. Cut the slices into thin strips.  This is called julienne

Chop the parsley coarsely.  You want to see part of the leaves that are still vibrant and  earthy!

Prepare the vinaigrette.  Mix the orange juice, oil, Dijon mustard, pepper and salt.

Mix all the ingredients together.  Taste it and add more orange juice, sugar or salt according to taste.

Pour the vinaigrette over the carrots.

Mix it together and it is ready to be served. 


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