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Saffron risotto cakes with pan fried jumbo shrimps -6/13/09

For the party tonight I wanted to served something a little exotic so I decided on the Saffron risotto cakes with pan fried jumbo shrimps.  I saw this recipe in one of my Bobby Flay's cookbooks and I wanted to try it out many times but somehow I never had a chance to test it out. Tonight is the night to test it out and see how good it is! Bobby served this dish with chives oil and hot chili oil.  I on the other hand wanted something a little more exciting so I made a coconut, lemon grass, green curry pesto sauce.  The sauce is my own creation, it has the spiciness of the green curry, the sweetness of the coconut and the pesto just gave a nice freshness to the sauce. 

The next day after the party we had this dish for Dinner since I have a bit of leftovers. I re-cooked the risotto, pan fried the shrimps and reheated the sauce and voila we had an excellent appetizers for dinner.  This dish tasted even better the next day because I have more time to relax and just concentrate on enjoying the dish.  Kevin also enjoyed it but he thought the sauce is too spicy for him.



For the party I only served one shrimp but tonight I was a little more generous, we got 2 shrimps!  

The shrimps were huge, juicy and so tasty!  The risotto was also very good because it is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.


Closer look at the dish.


Preparation work..

Preparing the risotto.  Saffron were added in the broth that is why the rice is yellow.

Pouring out the risotto in to a pan


Spreading the risotto into the pan and the risotto is refrigerated for about  2 hours.

Once the risotto is cold it is easier to mold it into circular shape.  I am using a 2" circular mold to cut the risotto. 


Done with molding the risotto...

Next the risotto is dredged with corn starch flour. 


Putting the risotto inside a hot pan with oil.

It takes a few minutes per side for the risotto to be golden brown and crunchy.


The shrimps are marinated for a few hours with garlic, oil, paprika, salt and pepper and then sautéed in a hot pan.

The shrimps are now cooked and ready to be served.

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