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Double chocolate mousse cake - 3/19/11

This cake is a bit strange if you look at the ingredients.  It is a flourless  cake and the preparation is exactly like you are preparing a mousse but instead of chilling the mouse, the batter is baked twice to create two layers that has a different texture.  To me it taste it like a brownies but it is lighter and has more flavor.   I served the cake with a large doll up of whipped cream, marinated raspberries in red wine and sugar and drizzle a bit of Raspberry sauce on top. 

Close look at the cake.


Preparation work..


1/4 pound bittersweet chocolate

1/3 cup hot expresso or very strong coffee

1 tablespoons unsalted butter (room temperature)

2/3 cup sugar

2 pinch of salt

4 large eggs separated.

Melt the chocolate on a large bowl set over a pan of simmering water.

Stir occasionally until the chocolate is melted.  Turned off the heat.

Add the hot express or strong coffee and whisk.

Add the butter tablespoon by tablespoon until melted.

Add the sugar and a pinch of salt. Keep mixing.

Add the egg yolk one at a time.

Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth.  Put the mixture aside

In a bowl whip the egg white and a pinch of salt until they are firm.

Add about 1/4 of the whipped egg whites into the chocolate mixture.

Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture. 

Fold the remaining of the egg whites into the mixture.

Butter the side of an 8 inch springform pan (you will not use the base of the pan). Line a baking sheet with a silicon baking mat and put the springform on it.

Pour about 1/3 of the chocolate mixture into the buttered ring of the pan.

Cover and refrigerate the remaining mousse.

Bake the cake for about 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 400 degrees.  Noticed that a bit of the chocolate is spilling out of the pan.  Don't worry about that! Just scrape it out and snack on it (Delicious).

let the cake cool down to room temperature.

Pour the remaining chocolate mousse on top of the bake layer of mousse.  

Oven is still at 400 degrees, bake the cake for additional 30 minutes.

Remove the cake from the oven let it cool down and invert the cake on a nice plate. Refrigerate the cake for at least 4 hours.

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