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Bite size chocolate cakes w. warm walnut and coconut caramel sauce -3/30/08


I just love the feeling when you get off work on Friday!  That little smile when you drive off the parking lot and the knowledge that the week end is finally here to relax and enjoy a good time with family and friends. 

Tonight, a bunch of us are getting together for Dinner at Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas to celebrate Phuc's and Tuan's big winning in Las Vegas.  It is actually a big night because we are dinning with two of Las Vegas celebrity! 

 Hoa pointed out that he read in the Las Vegas Sun Daily newspaper the following:

Top 3 players of the week with Best style and technique”

1- Phuc Nguyen ( winnings $1,750)

2- Tuan Nguyen (winning $1,250)

and a far distance 3rd place by Scotty Nguyen with only a $50 in winnings.


Anyway, here I am in my kitchen and needless to say I am glad it is T.G.I.F., I glanced at the clock and it is exactly 5:00PM.   I have about 2 hours to bake and to figure out what kind of dessert I would like to serve tonight after we get back from the restaurant.  I flipped through a bunch of books and finally decided to bake a chocolate cake with warm Walnut and coconut caramel sauce.

The chocolate cake turns out to be moist and very tasty.  The caramel sauce is just perfect and the walnut and coconut just gave a nice crunch to each bite..

I got this recipe from Gale Gand's Just a bite.  Gale is a very good pastry chef and her desserts are just so delicious.  She is on the food Network and I always enjoy watching her show.

I have to say this dessert looks so good and it is also very tasty!


Preparation work..

The chocolate cake freshly out the oven!


Bubbling caramel sauce!

The walnuts are toasted to bring out their best flavor.

I used a special metal ring to cut out the cake into small bite size. 

I am now plating the chocolate cakes A few drizzle of warm caramel sauce and a few nuts

and voila it is ready to be served.


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