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CrÍpes with Ham, mushroom in a Bťchamel sauce-10/2/08


CrÍpes originated from Bretagne (Brittany), a region in the northwest of France. CrÍpes are very versatile, they can be savory or can be served as a dessert depending on  the filling.  Common fillings for savory crÍpes are cheese, mushroom, spinach, asparagus, eggs, ratatouille, artichoke etc... CrÍpe can also be filled with sweet items such as Jam, melted chocolate, ice cream, Nutella, and a variety of fresh fruits.

In France a CrÍperie is usually a takeaway stall or, serving crÍpes as a form of fast food or street food, or it could be a more formal sit-down restaurant or cafť but the most popular one are still the street stall. 

CrÍpes are usually very affordable and they come is a variety of flavors so there is a CrÍpe for everyone of us.  I usually order butter and sugar CrÍpe, the most simple one on the menu..  If you have a chance to go to France, find a CrÍperie stall and order a  CrÍpe!  It is actually fun to watch them make CrÍpes.  CrÍpes are usually very affordable and it is a great snacks in between meals.

Tonight I opted for a savory crÍpe with Ham, mushrooms, and Bťchamel filling.  Actually Kevin been asking for me to make this dish for a while.  The last time he had a crÍpe was in Las Vegas and been craving for it ever since.  Actually, I do not know any restaurants in the Bay Area that serve good CrÍpes, so in the mean time, if we want to eat CrÍpes, I guess I have to make them!

Kevin is cutting a piece of the crÍpe.. He gave it two thumbs up!

Closer look at the crÍpe.


Preparation work

Basic crÍpe recipe.

The ingredients: eggs, milk, salt and flour.

All the ingredients are mixed together.


Once the mixture is well blended, melted butter is added and the batter is refrigerated for at least 1 hour.

Pouring a thin layer of the batter into a hot oiled frying pan.

Once the first layer is golden, the crepe is flipped to the other side so it will get some color too.

A plate full of crepes waiting to be filled with good stuff ..



The filling

Sautťing the mushrooms until cooked.

Making the bťchamel sauce.  Butter is melted than flower is added.

Once the butter and the flour had thicken, a spoon of mustard is added and milk is also added.

Once the bťchamel has reached the desired thickness, mushrooms are added.

I am now filling the crepe with the bťchamel/mushrooms sauce.

Ham and chopped mozzarella are added on top of the sauce..  I usually put the whole crÍpes in the microwave for 10 seconds so that the mozzarella is melted and gooey.


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