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Coffee Tart - Tarte au café - 5/16/09

This coffee tart is amazing!  The flavor of coffee is very intense because the base of the tart is a velvety coffee ganache that, unlike most ganache is made with white chocolate. Most ganache are made with bittersweet chocolate and then coffee is added and, as good as that is, the tart tastes more chocolate than coffee. In other words it is mocha a lot more than coffee.  White chocolate has wonderful texture, makes a good ganache, and carried the coffee flavor without adding much flavor of its own.  Then on top of the ganache is a layer of feather light ladyfingers soaked with another hint of coffee and then lavishes the top with rosettes of coffee whipped cream. 



Close look at the coffee tart.


Preparation work..

Making the coffee cream!  It needs a least 6 hours of refrigeration before he can be used. Heavy cream is brought to a boil and grind coffee is added. 

Once it is boiled, the heat is turned off. 


Lining a fine mesh sieve with a quadruple thickness of damp cheesecloth and then the cream is poured through the sieve and the coffee residue is discarded.

Gelatin and sugar are added to the cream and it will go in the fridge for 6 hours or more. 


Here I am lining a pâte sucrée dough to the mold.


Here I am putting weights into the mold so that the dough does not shrink while baking

Here I am making the coffee ganache.  First I have to warm up the white chocolate in the microwave and let it sit while I am repeating picture # 1 an #2 t he hot coffee cream is poured into the warm white chocolate and then stirred until all the chocolate are melted.  Once the ganache is smooth it should be used immediately

So right away the ganache is poured in the baked tart shell.

Next I am lining store bought ladyfingers on top of the ganache.

Here I am brushing cooled coffee on top of the ladyfingers.


6 hours has lapsed so I am spooning the coffee cream into a plastic bag so I can pipe it on top of the tart.

Here I am piping rosette around the tart.

Finishing the piping on the tart...The tart will go in the fridge for at least a good hour before it can be served.

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