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Raspberry mousse tartlets - 4/8/09

 This is another recipe on my "to bake" list but for some reason I never found the right occasion nor the right time to make it.  Today is the right time for me to tackle this recipe!  This dessert is not complicated, it is time consuming because there are so many steps before assembly the tartlets together but once it is done it is not only gorgeous but it is also very good.

I started with a pâte sucrée crust, then brushed the crust with chocolate so that the layer of raspberries jam and mousse does not soak the crust and therefore will leave the crust crunchy and tasty.

I used gelatin for the mousse so the texture is very silky and it is also holding a nice shape.

I used two different type of molds, a fluted edge and a regular rounded mold just to have a different view of of the tartlets.

Close up of the tartlets.  The tartlets looks really yummy and they are also very tasty!


Preparation work..

 I am starting with the mousse.  In a medium bowl, the sugar, egg and egg yolk are whisked together and cornstarch is added and mixed until a smooth paste then set aside.  Meanwhile in a saucepan  the milk and vanilla bean are combined and brought to a boil and then the pan is removed from heat and the egg mixture is added slowly to milk mixture, whisking constantly to prevent curdling.

The egg mixture is cooked over medium heat until thick but constant stirring is needed.

The jam is added and cooked another 30 seconds and then the pan is removed from the heat.

Gelatin previously soaked with water is added and stirred in until completed dissolved.

Heavy cream is whipped until stiff peak and then gently folded into the pastry cream

All the whipped cream are completely folded!  The pastry cream mousse will go the refrigerator just enough time for me to prepare the shell.


I used a  pâte sucrée for my tartlets!  Here I am brushing a layer of chocolate at the bottom of my tartlet so the mousse will not make the crust soggy.


Here I just let the layer of chocolate dry out a bit.

A layer of good raspberry jam is added on top of the chocolate layer and the mousse is piped in the tartlets.

The mousse is piped in....

Here I am adding some chopped pistachios for color and crunch.

The tartlets will go into the fridge until ready to serve.

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