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Figs Tartlets - 8/30/09

 I don't know why I never gave fresh figs a chance.  I have to stay that the season for figs are pretty short, they are available for a few weeks and then it is over.  It is one of the reason I did not try to incorporate them into my cooking because by the time I think of something to do with them, fresh figs are not longer available!  Well that is really my lost because they are so good. 

 Maily is having a dinner party tonight and I wanted to bake something different.   Here I am in the store looking around for what kind of fruits I can buy and right there in front of me is a small display of fresh figs.  This time the fresh figs really caught my attention and I decide to buy a basket and give them a try.  I am so glad I used them because they were a hit. 

The figs turned to be so sweet that they tasted almost like candy.  The addition of the figs on the tartlets turned to be an excellent choice.


Close up at the fresh figs.  By the way, the whole basket of figs only cost me $2.29!  I can not believe how cheap they are!  We are so blessed to live in California where all the fruits are fresh and dirt cheap!  From now on, Figs will be part of my cooking repertoire.

Fun facts: In the Bible, Adam and Eve clad themselves with fig leaves after eating the "forbidden fruit" from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  In the old days, if you looked at nude painting and sculpting, you will notice the use of fig leaves to cover genitals of nude figures.  Interesting isn't it.

Close up look at the tartlets. 

The tartlets are so yummy!


Preparation work..

Basic tartlets preparation.  I am using pâte sucrée and then I filled them with almond cream.

The almond cream is spooned in the crust and will go in the oven for about 15/20 minutes..

Freshly out of the oven...

Here I am cutting the figs in half and then I am putting them on top of the tartlets.

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