Co-Host party with Huyen and Phuc -1/22/11

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Three weeks after the holidays we are back at entertaining the whole group!   Planning a sit down dinner after the holidays is a sure bet for our guests to come with the ability to relax and enjoy the party now that their calendars are free of social engagement.   Plus throwing a party at the beginning of year is an opportunity to have the whole group under one roof.  

Tonight, I am co-hosting an elaborate sit down dinner party with Phuc and Huyen for 20 adults and 5 kids.  The last time we co-hosted a dinner party was in 2006!  Why did it take us so long to co-host a 2nd party?  I can't come up with a good excuse but hopefully we will not wait another 5 years to collaborate for another dinning experience!


The Set up

Huyen and I we collaborated on how to set up the dinner table and in the end I think it came out looking amazing!  Huyen has red tablecloths so I decided to go with "Red" as the main color and using silver as the accent color.  Decorating with Red takes a lot of confidence but while it makes a strong statement, it is a bold, vibrant, warm and a cozy color that should put everyone in the mood for partying. 


In the middle of the table I added a layer of sheer silver window treatments with a slightly embossed design and therefore adding character.  I also added a few red hurricane lamps, flowers, sparkling faux jewels, and silver charger to complete festive and elegant look. 


Table overview for 25 people!  Napkins are color coordinated to match with the table cloth.

View of one of hurricane used as centerpiece.



More view of the table set up.


Tea light candles are lit up to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. 



Close look at the plates setting.


I also used fresh camellias from my garden and put them in a vase filled with cranberries.  

The silver and red menu are printed and placed on the table.    

Most of the menu was kept secret and was only revealed once the guests sat down.  

The decoration definitely set up the mood for a fine dinning...

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