2 Days in Nanjing- 4/1/23 - 4/3/23

Day 1
Memorial Hall for the Nanjing Massacre
    Outdoor sculptures
    Exhibit hall
    Outdoor exhibits
Zhonghua gate
Day 2
Cherry Blossoms/jiming Temple
Nanjing City Wall
Presidential Palace
Korean BBQ Dinner

Day 2- Korean BBQ -4/2/23

We walked around the neighborhood and stumble on this Korean BBQ restaurant and we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located on the second floor and it is pretty big/


It is a good sign when the restaurant is pretty full. of people.


Name of the restaurant in neon inside the restaurant.




We ordered a piece of pork belly..



and an assortment of meat.


Wow, the platter is huge!


The waiter is doing all the grilling for us.



He started with the pork belly


Both side are brown


Our waiter then cut the meat with a scissor until the pork belly is into small strips.


Grilling the strips of pork belly.


It is now brown and ready to be eaten.


Once the pork belly is ready we just wrap it with lettuce and herbs.


Next, our waiter is grilling all the remaining meat..


There was so much food and I think we ended paying about $55 for whole the meal which is an incredible deal! 






Our house


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