2 Days in Nanjing- 4/1/23 - 4/3/23

Day 1
Memorial Hall for the Nanjing Massacre
    Outdoor sculptures
    Exhibit hall
    Outdoor exhibits
Zhonghua gate
Day 2
Cherry Blossoms/jiming Temple
Nanjing City Wall
Presidential Palace
Korean BBQ Dinner

Zhonghua Gate - 4/1/23

We took the subway to Zhonghuamen station and from there we took a tuk tuk to Zhonhua gate (15 minutes ride).


The Zhonghua Gate has stood in Nanjing for around 600 years. It's the biggest city gate of Nanjing Ancient City Wall, which measures 33.5 kilometers long and more than 12 meters tall. Zhonghua is a  southern gate of Nanjing city and a defensive complex.


Street vendors selling roasted yam.


The entrance of the main gate.


The main gate.


Zhonghua City Gate, originally called Jubao City Gate (Gathering Treasure City Gate) was built from 1360 to 1386 under the founder of the Ming dynasty.  It is the largest castle-style gate among other inner city gates in Nanjing, and the most significant gate among the 13 city gates of Nanjing City Wall.


 Today, the Zhonghua Gate is a popular tourist attraction with a small museum inside and the ability to walk around its walls and battlements.  The entrance cost is 50 Yuan which is about $7.


Sign on the wall next to the gate entrance.


As soon as you walked in there is a lively show with actors singing and dancing.


An actor performing on stage.


Stairways to the gate tower.


Climbing up to the top of the gate tower.


The middle level.


We are on the top looking down at the street below.


View of the city from the top level of the wall.


I am standing on top looking down at the stairs.


Panoramic view of the city.


Multi-shot torsion ballista to defend the city from invasion.

Some of the most interesting aspects of the Zhonghua Gate are its incredible ramparts, which allowed soldiers easy access to its peak, and the bricks themselves which were signed by their creators, offering a glimpse into the past.


Arrows and darts thrower facing  the city.




More view of the city


It is getting a bit darker, lights are turned on, and it is really magical to walk around.


I am glad we came later as there are barely anybody around.


Zhonghua gate was strategically positioned on the northern bank of the Qinhuai River, guarding the city and serving as a vital defense structure.


The city below the wall.



Zhonghua gate is one of the most well preserved and protected ancient architecture in Nanjing.


Porcelain tower of Nanjing is the tall colorful tower on the right.


 The Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, part of the former Great Bao'en Temple, is a historical site located on the south bank of external Quinhua River in Nanjing.


The Porcelain Tower was a pagoda constructed in the 15th century during the Ming dynasty, but was mostly destroyed in the 19th century during the course of the Taiping Rebellion.  What you see today is a modern life-size replica.

In 2010, Wang Jianlin, a Chinese businessman, donated a billion yuan (US$156 million) to the city of Nanjing for its reconstruction. This is reported to be the largest single personal donation ever made in China. In December 2015, the modern replica and surrounding park opened to the public


Panoramic view of the city from the upper level of the wall with the Porcelain Tower in the center.


Nice view!


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