2 Days in Nanjing- 4/1/23 - 4/3/23

Day 1
Memorial Hall for the Nanjing Massacre
    Outdoor sculptures
    Exhibit hall
    Outdoor exhibits
Zhonghua gate
Day 2
Cherry Blossoms/jiming Temple
Nanjing City Wall
Presidential Palace
Korean BBQ Dinner


We took the subway and arrive at the Hongqiao station.  The subway concourse is underground.


Floor level for high speed trains.


View of platform 1 from the 2nd floor.  These is right after China opens up after Covid and people are going out in drove.


Elevator to the bullet train


The train is here and we are searching for our cabin


The train platform is huge and so long.


Looking back at the way we got into the platform.


Bullet train


Searching for our seats and we found them.  The train ride is abour 1hour and 20 minutes from Shanghai to Nanjing.


Arrival In Nanjing

We are Staying at the Jingling Hotel


View of the city from our hotel room.


Nanjing is huge.


The room is really comfortable with a nice view of the city.





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Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin