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Surf and Turf  8/18/12

Braised oxtails are transformed into a Surf and Turf dish by adding sautéed fish and topped with sautéed trumpet mushrooms.  This dish is a creation of Thomas Keller from the French Laundry!  The dish called for cèpes and salsify as garnishes but both ingredients are impossible to find. Since I could not find cèpes and salsify I used  trumpets mushrooms and I omit the salsify all together but I think in the end the dish still capture the essence of the dish that was created by Keller. 

I served this dish at my French Laundry at home dinner party and because it was part of an 8 course meal I kept the portion very small. 

Phuc our personal Sommelier for the evening though that this dish was very creative but it was a bit difficult to pair with wine! Should the dish be paired with a white wine, a Rosé wine, or Red wine?  In the end Phuc paired the dish with the Chateau Canon La Gaffelière 2000 and it was a match in heaven! 

These recipe called for Monkfish and I was not able to find it so I replaced it with Cod.


Close look at the dish


Preparation work..


1 batch of braised oxtail-Click on LINK for recipe

For the mushrooms: 1 bag of Trumpets mushrooms, chopped shallots

Fish: Monkfish, or cod, or halibut

Salt and pepper

Use the braised oxtail recipe.  Once the oxtails are cool enough to handle, pull the meat from the bones.  

Put the pulled meat in a container and refrigerate if not using right away.  Re-heat in the microwave at serving time.

In a hot oiled pan sauté the mushrooms.

Make sure your the mushrooms are not overcrowded so you can get a nice caramelize color.  Set aside in a warm place

Sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper and inn a hot oiled pan sauté the fish for a few minutes until golden brown.

while the fish is cooking start plating the dish but putting a layer of braised oxtails.

Add the fish on top of the braised oxtails...

lay the mushrooms on top of the fish.  Spoon the sauce around the oxtails and it is ready to be served.

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