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Candied Kumquats Tart - 4/21/07


Tonight we are invited to Mai-Ly's and Tuan's house!  I volunteered to take care of the desserts for the evening.   Remember I mentioned recently that I have a lot of Kumquats in hand so I decided to make a Candied Kumquat Tart.  The Candied Kumquats recipe I used called for a pound of kumquats.  I am so happy that I can make use of the abundance of Kumquats that was given to me.

Since there are going to be 12 adults for dinner, a small tart is not going to be enough, so I decided to also make a Strawberries Tart and a Berry Cake with whipped cream. 

Candied Kumquats Tart filled with Pastry cream.


The first step is to make the Pâte Sucrée and then the Kumquats needed to be sliced into small piece.  Next, the Kumquats will  be cooked in a simmering combination of sugar and water to become candied.  It does take a while for this process but the kumquats turned out to be very so good and so tasty.


Preparation work..



The recipe I got call for sour cream and ricotta cheese filling.  I made the filling according to recipe and then when I taste it, I did not like the taste of the ricotta at all.  I decided at the last minute to throw away the ricotta filling and I made a batch of pastry cream filling instead.  When in doubt, the classic pastry cream can save the day!   The tart turned out to be yummy with a special citrus zing!  

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