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Vacherin with tre leche cream and macerated strawberries- 1/3/09


This is the first Saturday of 2009 and we are invited to Tuan and Hanh for an exceptional Dinner.

 I am bringing this dessert and Apple chestnut cream tart to the party.

I got the idea of making this dessert by talking to Luong Hien (Phuc's sister).  She mentioned that while she was in Paris one of her friend baked a Pavloska, basically it is a meringue filled with whipped cream and fruits. I thought what a good idea so I decided to make a Vacherin, different name but same concept with the exception that I am filling mine with Tres Leche cream instead of whipped cream.

I am completely hooked with the Tres Leche cream, they are so tasty and they go perfectly well with macerated strawberries and raspberries.

I like this dessert because the meringues are crunchy and light, the Tres Leche cream gives a boost of flavor and the macerated fruits just add a little a little acidity and sweetness at the same time.

Close up at the Vacherins



Preparation work..

Egg-white are beaten to a stiff peak

Sugar are added slowly to the mixture

I continue to beat the egg-white until all of the sugar are incorporated.

Notice how the egg-white are now shinny and ready to be baked.

Scooping out the white mixture into a baking sheet to form a small disk of about 3 inches.

Next I took a spoon and made a indentation in the middle of the egg-white so there is room for the filling

In the oven for 2 hours on low heat so the egg-white dry up.  The exterior is crunchy with a little softness inside.

On a cooler rack ..

Here I am filling the meringues with Tres Leche cream

Once the cream is filled in the cavity of the meringues, I am adding the macerated fruits on top.

Putting on the last touches...

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