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Aristocrat strawberry Mousse mounted on rum cake - 4/18/09


I recently made the raspberry mousse tartlet and I really enjoyed the mousse and decided to duplicate it for this week.  But since I do not want to serve the exact same dessert, I went ahead and use the mousse and paired it with a store bought layer of rum cake so there is no baking.  Baking takes a lot of time and this week I just don't have the time... The mouse only takes about 30 minutes to make but it needs to be refrigerated for at least a good 2 hours.

The dessert turned out to be very striking and it is also very good.  I am using the sliced of strawberries as a mold to hold the mousse together and it also gives a really appealing touch.

Close look at Aristocrat Strawberry Mouse on Rum cake. 

I sprinkled some crushed pistachio for some crunch and also for a nice contrast in color.


Preparation work..

 I liked the mousse a lot so I decided to make it again this week but it made sure it has a different look.  I used sliced Strawberries to line up the mold and then I used store bought Rum cake. 

Here I am putting the dessert together.  First I cut the rum cake into circular shape then lined the strawberries around the mold.

Next the Mousses is spooned in the center of the mold.

In the refrigerator they go for at least a good hour....

I am removing all the molds.

Since the mousse is cold enough the shape will hold well.  Before serving all I need to do is sprinkle the top with some chopped pistachios.

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