2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1

Day 2

Discovering Lyon

Discovering Lyon cont'd

Basilica of Fourvière

Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

Day 2 continutation

Lunch at the old Lyon

Lyon City Center

Dinner at Py restaurant

Day 3

Breakfast/Open Market

River Saône/La Confluence

Lunch/Coffee & pastries

Day 3 Continutation

Vieux Lyon/Traboules

Chapel L'hotel Dieu

Dinner at Daniel & Denise

3 Days in Lyon, France-5/26/2022 to 5/28/2022

Day 2- Lyon City Center-5/27/2022

We have dinner reservation at Py tonight and we decided to walk from our apartment to the restaurant.

The walk is about 30 minutes and we had to cross two bridges and two rivers: the Saône and the Rhone.


Since we have plenty of time, we stop by a brewery close by for some refreshment first.



Starting our walk


Ninkasi is a venue that mixes beer, burgers and music. Craft beers, burgers made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a life concert music.

Very popular place.


The Elephant & Castle provides a large and unique range of English beers on tap and bottles from their our Brewery in Bedfordshire, England.


Wallace bar Lyon offers a unique blend of traditional pub entertainment they also offer both Anglophone and French Cuisine.


We are now on the Pont (bridge) de la Feuillee and we are crossing the River Saône.

The River Soône is a river in eastern France. It is a right tributary of the Rhône, rising at Vioménil in the Vosges department and joining the Rhône in Lyon, at the southern end of the Presqu'île.


View of Quai Saint Vincent from the Bridge de la Feuillee


We are now on Rue Constantine located in the Presqu'île (peninsula) which is the city center.

405 Bar a Bieres is also a very popular pub with a very large selection of beers.


We are now at the Place des Terreaux, a large square located in the center of Lyon. 


Buildings on the Place des Terreaux.


Lots of restaurants/coffee shops with tables on the squares.   Water jets shooting water from the ground up.


L'hotel de Ville (City Hall) at the far end.


The Hotel de Ville de Lyon is the largest historic buildings in the city.

The building was built from 1646 to 1672 by the city architect, Simon Maupin and has been classified as a Monument historic since 12 July 1886. The building was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage.


Following a fire in 1674, the building was restored and modified, including its facade, designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and his pupil Robert de Cotte.  Most of the exterior decorations are made by the sculptor Simon Guillaume.


Fountain Bartholdi located at the center of the square.


The fountain was sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built in 1889 by Gaget & Gautier. It was erected at the Place des Terreaux, in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, in September 1892


The sculpted group called Char triomphant de la Garonne represents the Garonne and its four tributaries jumping into the ocean, all of which are symbolized by a woman leading a Quadriga. After the 1889 Exposition Universelle, the monument became too expensive for the city of Bordeaux and was bought in 1890 by the Mayor of Lyon, Antoine Gailleton.


The fountain depicts France as a female seated on a chariot controlling the four great rivers of France, represented by wildly rearing and plunging horses, highly individualized but symmetrically arranged, with bridles and reins of water weeds. The fountain weighs 21 tons and is made of lead supported by a frame of iron. It has been classified as monument   

 since 29 September 1995.


The square was redeveloped in 1994 by architect and urban planner Christian Drevet and artist Daniel Buren, including an orthogonal rotation of 69 jets of water lined with 14 pillars.


Kids playing around with water jet.


The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest museums in France and Europe.


It is in a magnificent 17th-century building, located next to City Hall.


The Opera Nouvel is home of the Opena National de Lyon.


The original opera house was re-designed by the distinguished French architect, Jean Nouvel between 1985 and 1993.

The style of the house is essentially Italian with a horseshoe-shaped auditorium and tiers of boxes.


Leaving only the existing foyer and the exterior façade, Nouvel tripled the space within the house by excavating below ground to create rehearsal space and, most strikingly, by doubling the height of the building by creating a steel and glass barrel vault which hid the fly tower as well as providing space for the ballet company. It has been noted that this achievement was "an architectural tour de force, in which the past has been successfully wedded to the future..",albeit with the limited backstage space of the 19th-century theatre still remaining.


We are on Rue Joseph Serlin, just behind City Hall.


This is the back of the City Hall


View of City Hall from Rue Joseph Serlin.


Bycicles for rent


We are on the Pont (Brdige)  Morand crossing the River Rhone


The Rhone is a major river in France and and Switzerland, rising in the Alps and flowing west and south through Lake Geneva and southeastern France before discharging into the Mediterranean Sea.


Casino is a grocery store similar to Safeway in the U.S.


Maison Tourtiller is a famous pastries/Chocolate shop.


Their pastries looks really good.


Mother's day is around the corner so a lot of Chocolate hearts are on display for the occassion.


We are really getting close to our destination.



NEXT.... Day 2-Py Restaurant





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