2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

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Basilica of Fourvière

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Day 2 continutation

Lunch at the old Lyon

Lyon City Center

Dinner at Py restaurant

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Day 3 Continutation

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3 Days in Lyon, France-5/26/2022 to5/28/2022

Day 2-Dinner at PY-5/27/2022

I selected Py restaurant simply because it was listed in the Bib Gourmand (good quality, good value cooking) in the Michelin guide. 

Michelin described the restauratn as a small brasserie in a well-heeled neighborhood is the haunt of Pierre (in the kitchen) and Yuko (in the dining room). In a trendy interior, the food is well presented, generous and voluntarily inventive, as their blanquette of scallops in oyster juice illustrates. The evening menu features a wider range of top-notch ingredients.


Our reservation is at 8:00pm and we were one of the first few to arrive. 


The entrance of the restaurant with the Michelin Plaque on top.


We got a table against the wall and this is the view from our table overlooking the end of the room.


They are staging their appointment so that their guests are arriving steadilye so it does not overwhelmed the kitchen.


Table set up.


Starting with a bowl of parmesan madeleine as amuse bouche.


As you can see the dinning room is really long and it is about 1/3 full.  By the end of the evening the restaurant was full.


Incredible deal a 3 course meal (appetizer, main, cheese or dessert) for 35 Euros.  Hoa ordered a nice bottle of red wine.



Wine is poured!


Cheers to great evening.


Variation of peas and their pods infused with Tarragon, grilled marinated mackerel, black crumble with pickled radishes.


Gorgeous presentation!  The peas are so sweet and delicious, the grilled mackerel added a nice flavor, the crumble added a nice crunch to the dish.

Overall, and excellent dish.


Terrine of Foie Gras, sweet spice and vanilla rum, cauliflower cremeux with coconut milk and sweet and sour rhubarb in sweet and sour.

This dish is additional 7 Euros.


Beautiful presentation.


There is nothing we did not like on this plate.


Beef Daube, potato millefeuille, black olives et roasted tomatoes reduced and cherry chutney.


This is a classic French dish but here it is the beef is shredded and the vegetables are served separated. 

Really flavorful dish.



Hoa ordered a French way roasted Pig pluma, velvety polenta with fennel, cooking juices with marine oil, smoked eel chips, candied lemon crumble.


A pluma is a special cut taken from the neck end and of pork loin.  In Spanish it translates the "feather" cut due in part to the wind like shape and is sourced from free range Iberian Black pigs that eat acorns.


Amazing dish!  Very nice texture and it is extremely tasty an succulent.  A Wow dish.


Hoa is not big on Dessert so he selected an assortment of cheese.

All the cheese were delicious.


Blancmange (similar to a panna cotta), exotic nage, aristocrat crème, tuile.


Ending my meal with a light and delicious dessert!


An incredible meal, reasonably priced, excellent service.  We like everything about this restaurant.  Not sure how they can serve such high quality food at this price and still make a profit.

We really enjoyed our meal here.  A definite keeper.



NEXT.... Day 3 -Breakfast/St. Antoine Open Air Market





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