2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1

Day 2

Discovering Lyon

Discovering Lyon cont'd

Basilica of Fourvière

Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

Day 2 continutation

Lunch at the old Lyon

Lyon City Center

Dinner at Py restaurant

Day 3

Breakfast/Open Market

River Saône/La Confluence

Lunch/Coffee & pastries

Day 3 Continutation

Vieux Lyon/Traboules

Chapel L'hotel Dieu

Dinner at Daniel & Denise

3 Days in Lyon, France-5/27/2022 to 5/28/2022

Discovering Lyon-5/27/2022

We are now at Place Bellecour which is a large square located in the center of Lyon. 


The square is about 15 acres and is one of the largest open squares in Europe. and the 3rd biggest square in France.

It is also the largest pedestrian square in Europe. 


In the middle of the square is the Equestrian statue of King Louis XIV


The original  statue was erected in 1713 but did not survive the revolution.  It was replaced in 1826 by this equestrian statue by Francois Frederic Lemot, a sculptor from Lyon.


Standing at 59 ft. high, the largest bronze casting of its time, it was  Frederic Lemot last and most important work.  The statue was cast in Paris and transported on a cart pulled to Lyon by 24 horses in 12 days.


This square is so huge!


Looking straight ahead and on top of the hill is The Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere (on the right upper corner).


We are headed up the hill to see the Basilica.


The Basilica view from street level.


Bonaparte bridge


View from the left of the bridge.


View of the City from the bridge.


Panoramic view of the City.


We just crossed the bridge and we are going to check out the church.


Church Saint Georges is a Roman Catholic church located on Place Francois Bertras in the View Lyon quarter.


Side entrance of the church.


Unfortunately it was closed so we could not get in.


The 19th century church was built by architect Pierre Bossan in a Neo-Gothic style.  It is listed as a historical monument.


Streets in the View Lyon.


Rue du Viel Renverse


This street has existed since the Middle Ages.


Rue de la Trinite is surrounded by old buildings


Funicular station to go up the hill


 The funicular railway.


It takes only a few minutes to get on top of the hill.


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