2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1

Day 2

Discovering Lyon

Discovering Lyon cont'd

Basilica of Fourvière

Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

Day 2 continutation

Lunch at the old Lyon

Lyon City Center

Dinner at Py restaurant

Day 3

Breakfast/Open Market

River Saône/La Confluence

Lunch/Coffee & pastries

Day 3 Continutation

Vieux Lyon/Traboules

Chapel L'hotel Dieu

Dinner at Daniel & Denise

3 Days in Lyon, France-5/26/2022 to 5/28/2022

Day 1-Arrival-5/26/2022

The Train ride from Milan to Lyon is about 5 hours long.


We arrived in Lyon around 8:30Pm and we are just walking around in the old Lyon searching for a restaurant.


We were looking for a traditional Bouchon Lyonnais that serves traditional Lyonnais cuisine and we saw Les Fines gueules and decided to give it a try.


Les fines gueules (the raffinate mouth) entrance with brightly painted exterior in red.


The restaurant is located in a quiet little back street and most of the customers looks like locals.



The decoration inside is pretty loud with red wall and orange lamps hanging from the ceiling.



We got a really nice table.






Nice napkin with the restaurant's logo.


One of the many wine cellars inside the restaurant.


Homemade chicken liver and pork terrine with mixed baby green.


We shared this appetizers.  The French knows how to prepare their pate and it is delicious.


Bread and red wine.




Cheer to our first evening in Lyon.


Hoa ordered the Filet de boeuf (beef filet Mignon) with butter and shallots.


It came with a side of gratin the pomme de terre (potatoes)


I went with a traditional Pike fish soufflé in a crab bisque


This dish is an old school traditional French dish.  I have not eaten this dish for over 30 years so.


A quenelle is a mixture of creamed fish with a light egg binding similar to a soufflé.  The sauce is very flavorful and rich.



Both dish were excellent!


For dessert I ordered a baba in rum.  The dessert is brought out and our server proceed to pour rum on top.


He kept saying you need to tell me when to stop if not I will keep pouring... I have to stay stop as he inundate the baba with rum.

I was a bit drunk by the time I finished my dessert, too much Rum.


After studying at the Chamalières School of Catering, this trained chef went on to work in Lyon, Paris and London, followed by a spell at the Paul Bocuse Institute. Hethen spent 11 years working with Paul Bocuse himself in Collonges as deputy manager, but in 2009, keen to put his knowledge and expertise into practice in his own restaurant and share his experience and vision of what a restaurant should be, he opened La Cantine du Palais, before devoting himself entirely to Les Fines Gueules in 2012, where he serves genuine, typical Lyon cuisine in Vieux Lyon,


The restaurant motto is “We peel, we bone, we simmer, we cook", it says on the wall. "drinkable water but the wine is a lot better", proudly proclaims a slate on the wall…


We walked around a bit before going back to our apartment.


We made a very good choice, the food was excellent, our waiter was so friendly and we got really good service. 


NEXT.... Day 2-Discovering Lyon





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