The Arrival

The Resort

The 1st evening

   Stoll on the beach

Water taxi








Boca de Tomate

   Dinner in PV


First Evening in the resort


 We made Dinner reservation at 9:00PM at the Restaurant in the resort

After checking out the pool, the kids took a shower and waited in the lobby for the whole group.


Justin and Kevin looks like they were tired and could use a good dinner!


I order to get in the restaurant, we all had to wear a bracelet to make sure we paid for the meal .  As you can see, I am adjusting my bracelet and in the back ground the kids are staying in line to get a bracelet.


Here we are in the restaurant. The kids preferred to have their own table just around the corner.

Tuan & Doan  packed 18 bottles of wines for this trip.  She did have a little trouble clearing custom but in the end she was able to charmed the agent and was let go without a fine.   

You can see Tuan unwrapping a bottle of wine with the bubble wraps still on.


Here are the stars....

Tuan and Hanh organized the whole trip for all of us.


Hoa and I


Chi Tan and Anh Hung


Doan and Tuan

Son and Carol


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