The Arrival

The Resort

The 1st evening

   Stoll on the beach

Water taxi








Boca de Tomate

   Dinner in PV


Sailing to Yelapa

Yelapa is a remote Indian village only accessible by boat.  It is about an hour + trip by boat from Puerto Vallarta.  There are no cars in Yelapa, it has one sole narrow paved road for pedestrian, and got electricity only in the past few years. Our sailing guide told us that many Americans and Canadians are living in Yelapa.  Most of them are hippies who moved there in the 60s.  Were they looking to escape the stress of the world? or who knows...perhaps the law?.  We were also told that the local residents of Yelapa leave their island temporarily to come to San Jose, Ca to work in Restaurants.  Save their money and return back to Yelapa to build their house and rent it back to tourists.  Yelapa means "the gathering place."


Departure ...

8:30AM- Departure to Yelapa... 

Breakfast was served on the boat.

Son and Carol brought their fishing gears and they were trying to catch some fish out of the ocean.  Unfortunately, Son and Carol did not catch anything. 

Here is our sailing guide explainning what to expect in Yelapa


Kevin Vu lifting Kevin N. so he can stand up on the ramp, trying to imitate the movie Titanic

First view of Yelapa as we are getting closer to it shore.


This will be a hotel.  It is still under construction at this point.





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