The Arrival

The Resort

The 1st evening

   Stoll on the beach

Water taxi








Boca de Tomate

   Dinner in PV


Discovering Downtown

Anh Hunh and Chi Tan crossing a suspended bridge. The floor of the bridge  is made out of wood plank and it sway a lot as you walk on it.  You better have a good equilibrium when trying to cross it. 


Here is a good view of the cables that are holding up the bridge

This is a mom and pop's  Tortitallas factory.  It is actually pretty cool to see them bake fresh tortillas.


We are buying freshly made Corn Tortillas. They are so inexpensive!  A couple of dollars for almost 2 pounds.

Did you know that Corn Tortillas is much more popular than Flour tortillas.  Flour tortillas are only for gringos.


Anh Hung found this Taco Stand first and we just followed him.  We snacked on shrimps Taco's, fried shrimp, fresh salsa etc.. and the bill came up to less than $15 for all of us.  LOVE TACO Stand!  Felt like a local resident eating there.  


The girls were not aware that Hoa was taking their picture. Hoa was very discreet and pretended to take picture of the food.

Anh Hung on the other hand just stand up and yelled "hey can I have a picture with you", then signaled Hoa to go ahead and take the picture!  The girls were a little surprise but they play along...


The heat was so intense that the kids decided to stay a coffee shop with air conditioner with Huong and Son.  Here Tuan and Hoa have to go to pick them up so we can go have lunch.


We are having lunch at a seafood restaurant downtown closer to the Pier where we will be pick up by the taxi water at 3:00Pm.

Since there was 18 of us, Tuan N. was able to deal with the owner for a free round of drinks.  Later on, we found out that our free drinks were served in a small glass vs. their normal glass which is at least double in size.  we were still happy for our free drinks.


Thunder, Storm and Rain 

You can not really tell but by the time we got back to our resort we were soaked from head to toes with the rain.  The ride home in the taxi water was so much fun!  It is not very often that you get to ride in the boat with the warm rain pouring down and the big waves splashing against the boat leaving everyone soaked but happy!  felt like a giant water ride but better...  


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