The Arrival

The Resort

The 1st evening

   Stoll on the beach

Water taxi








Boca de Tomate

   Dinner in PV


Dinner in Puerto Vallarta 

This is toward to end of our journey in Puerta Vallarta.  Huong and Son invited the whole gang to a dinner in a seafood restaurant located outside of the resort.

The kids were just goofing off while waiting for everyone to show up.



At the restaurant

These turtles were swimming in the lagoon next to the restaurant.


Here is the whole group enjoying our cocktail drinks!

This is an outdoor restaurant with a little lagoon next to it (heaven for mosquitoes).  The mosquitoes just ate us alive!!!  We asked our waiter if he could do something about the mosquitoes and he came out with an assortment of cream and spray for us to prevent mosquitoes bite.  It help a little but by then the mosquitoes already left their marks on our fresh skin (some of us just came back from a spa).



The waiter was preparing a Mexican coffee (kalua + cream + coffee).  He has to heat up the glass and then burn off the alcohol.  It is pretty interesting to watch him. 


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