The Arrival

The Resort

The 1st evening

   Stoll on the beach

Water taxi








Boca de Tomate

   Dinner in PV


Water Taxi to Downtown


Getting there...

On the 3rd day we decided to go Downtown Vallarta.  Downtown is located about about 30 minutes by boat and about 40 by bus.  But since the local bus does not air conditioner we all opted for the water taxi.  The only difference is by Water taxi for the group cost us around $200 and it probably would cost us around $20 at the most if we have taken the bus.

Here we are leaving the resort.


That's the water taxi.  We occupied the whole boat (18 people)


Here is the whole gang on the boat ready to take off..

Hey, we look like boat people here!

We are taking off now!  Life jackets are required.


On the boat looking back at our hotel

Downtown Vallarta


Here is another view of  Downtown Vallarta. I can only imagine that the apartments on top of the hills  must have a very nice view over the beach.



We just got off the boat and as soon as we saw fresh coconuts, we all went NUTS!!

It was incredible hot an humid.  The kids immediately wanted to go to store with air conditionner which was almost impossible to find.

Look at all the fresh coconuts behind Carol!  

We have not tasted fresh coconut in so long that to our surprise the juice was not very sweet, it was a little sour.  I think I will stick with the frozen one you can find in the supermarket back home.

I love this picture!  Fresh grilled fish ($6/piece) and grilled shrimps ($3/stick).  We did not buy it but it sure look appetizing.


Next.... Discovering Downtown

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