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The 1st evening

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Water taxi








Boca de Tomate

   Dinner in PV


Boca de Tomate

Boca de Tomate (Tomato River Mouth) is a very small fishing village located about one mile from the last undeveloped beach in Puerto Vallarta.  We rented a car for half a day and Roberto( our driver) took us there.


When we got there we were surprise to find out we were the only people there...  The place was totally empty.


This is pretty much the whole village.  It took us less than 10 minutes to tour the whole village.

There are so many tables and chairs, but no visitors.  Not sure if a lot of people know about this place.  It is probably only for Local people or it was too early for lunch.


Roberto talked to the restaurant owner and they were very gracious and let us walk in their chicken freely.  We looked at everything in there.  We asked to see their fish so they pointed us to their cooler

Fresh red snapper in their cooler.

  Huge frying pans on the stove. 

Since there was nothing else for us to see and were not quite ready to eat lunch yet, we asked our driver to recommend another place where local people usually hang out...he recommended BUCERIA.  We hopped on the car for another 10/15 minutes drive and here we are in BUCERIA



Lunch on the beach.  In front of the restaurant all kind of souvenir shops are lined up.


Hoa always checked out the kitchen first before his meal.

They grilled the octopus right there and the next thing you know.. the octopus are on our plate!



The platter looks really good and we are hungry!



Here is a closer look at the seafood platter (this is for 4 people)

There are scallops, shrimps with garlic and butter, fried whole red snapper, octopus in sweet and sour sauce.


Next.. Dinner in Puerto Vallarta


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