New York City- 8/17/11 -8/20/11

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Day 1- Per Se/ Masa/Bouchon

New York diners wanting to experience Thomas Keller's famed Napa Valley cuisine no longer have to travel to the French Laundry. Expertly designed menus change daily and reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients. Per Se debuted in February 2004 in the Time Warner Center complex at Columbus Circle. 

Per se won awards such as the coveted 3 Michelin Stars and has been of the world's top 50 best restaurants since the restaurant opened.

The outside of Per Se restaurant.


The entrance of Per se


We are checking out the Menu.

The Menu is somewhat similar to the French Laundry.  Even if we wanted to dine there I am sure they are fully booked.


Tasting Menus at Per Se cost is $250 for nine courses (same as at the French Laundry)



Few places in the world offer cuisine that compares with that of New York City, home to some of the world's greatest chefs. If you've got money to spend and are interested in splurging at one of New York City's most expensive restaurants, look no further .. MASA is listed at most expensive restaurant in New York.

There are just 26 seats in Masa, an elegantly designed Japanese restaurant in the Time Warner Center. There is no menu; all diners will spend about 3 hours having an unparalleled omakase experience at $500 per person!

Bouchon Bakery inside Time Warner Center close to Per Se.

Thomas Keller built the original Bouchon Bakery to bake bread for Per Se but the bread was so good that he opened it to the public.


Deli food



I am a happy camper here... Bakery heaven!


So appealing that we ordered 1 of each and we were not even hungry!




Landmarc in the Time Warner is the best Neighborhood Bistro in New York City. With 300 seats, itís a huge restaurants

I never heard of this restaurant before.





Now that we toured the 2nd floor we are back down to the lobby. 

 In the lobby of the Time Warner center at Columbus Circle is a pair of statues by artist Fernando Botero, one of world's most popular and sought after contemporary artists. The two figures are represented as rotund forms and exaggerated proportions, a style for which Botero is known. Each statue stands about 20 feet tall, is nude and is cast in bronze.  The male is titled Adam and female Eve.

Most of Adam is a deep dark brown but his penis is gold, standing out against the darker brown of the rest of the statue.  Cause: extensive handling?

Why are people rubbing Adamís penis?  Maybe it is because itís unusual, funny,  just the right combination of naughty and not-too-naughty, or just because itís not in a museum but in a shopping center, where the goods are meant to be handled

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