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Morimoto -Desserts /Coffee

Tofu Cheesecake with coffee infused maple syrup served with butter cookie and on the side is a red bean pastry sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds and a dash of powdered sugar.

The tofu cheesecake coffee infused maple syrup was served in a small glass, topped with mango sorbet, a raspberry and a butter cookie. The tofu cheesecake was simply delicious, but pairing it with the mango sorbet just enhance the dessert! As for the red bean pastry, it consisted of red bean paste sandwiched between two flakey pieces of puff pastry was fantastic. What a great way to end the meal.

Close look at the tofu cheesecake


Too delicious ...there isn't a crumb to be found!



Coffee to complete a great meal!


The lower level of the restaurant

Once we are done with our meal we decided to go to the lower level to check it out!  Plus I am hearing rave review of the Morimoto's bathroom so we have to check it out...

On the lower level is a 40 person lounge area complete with a cocktail lounge and bar.  Against the wall empty bottles are lined up to cover a large area of the bar.


People enjoying a cocktail and sampling some snacks.


The lower lever sitting area - very cozy!



Our waiter insisted that we take a picture behind this wall because he told us that everybody looks younger due to the reflection of the bottles and the effects of the lighting inside the wall.

Do we look younger?  I don't think so!

The water wall were created with 17,400 half-liter plastic bottles then filled with mineral water and screwed into electric-socket like couplers.  The wall is nearly two-story-high freestanding. LED point light were integrated into the structure to backlight the bottles and create a shimmering effect. A marriage of recycled plastic water bottles with LED point lights creates a surprisingly and gorgeous feature wall.


Finally the bathroom that everyone is talking about...


TOTO toilet with heated toilet seat and sensory flushing and deodorizing system and lid that automatically open and close.

As I was sitting down I felt the heat coming out of the seat and I though just for a half second that someone must sitting in this seat for a while but then I realized that the seat was simply heated and it felt really good sitting on it.

Bathroom stall at Morimoto have a modern aesthetic with a touch of nature in each of the stalls.

Very interesting wall, made of layers of lit glass with cherry blossom flowers and a few tiny branches in between, giving you the illusion of an infinite reflection.



Morimoto - Remote Control in Women's Restroom Stall

Toilet flushing and washes are controlled by a remote on the left hand side of the bathroom stall!  What the heck?!  I had never seen that before.... so I pushed all the controls and tried them all - I just couldn't help myself!  

The toilets at Morimoto is a must See and must experience.. Try all the buttons! It is surprising, unexpected from a toilet such as front and Rear washing, warm air drying....Just try it, don't be shy!


Outside of the restaurant as we were leaving...


Huge numbers on the wall.. but finding Morimoto name a bit harder, you have to look for it to see.


Our whole dinner experience lasted for about 3 hours and the time just zoomed by so quickly.

What a great dinning experience!  All the dishes that were served met my expectation and more....  Everything was perfect and I enjoyed every single morsel that was served.

Morimoto New York and Morimoto Napa Valley are very different from each other, starting with the decor and feel of the restaurant. 

 I personally enjoyed the Morimoto New York better so what's next... Morimoto Philadelphia or Morimoto Mumbai?.

You can check out my experience at Napa Valley:


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