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Peter Luger steak house in Brooklyn, NY

On our way to Peter Luger Steak House we saw a film crew in action... The taxi driver told us they are every where and they are quite a nuisance for the traffic.

Here I think the film crew are taking a break or calling off the day....

Our taxi dropped us off and here we are walking toward the restaurant (on the left).  In the distance is the Williamsburg Bridge.  The Williamsburg bridge is a suspension bridge  across the East River connecting the Lower East Side of Manhattan at Delancey Street with the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.


Here we are in front of the restaurant and we are walking in...


Peter Luger Steak House is a famous steakhouse located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City. 

Peter Luger is 125 years old establishment, their doors  were opened since 1887 and they are known to serve the finest steaks in New York City.    Peter Luger was called the  "Godfather of steakhouses", and  ranked No. 1 best steakhouse in New York City for the 27 consecutive years with Zagat.  Peter Luger was awarded 1 Michelin Star for 4 consecutive years since 2008 and in the Michelin guide a One Michelin star is describes as: a very good restaurant in its category. A place offering cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard In 2002, it was named to the James Beard Foundation's list of "America's Classics."  Peter Luger is legendary and with all these awards we had to give Peter Luger a try!


You would think that 7:45Pm on a Wednesday the place would not be that busy, and you would be totally wrong!  As soon as we walked in the door, there was a shuffling mass of people waiting for their table or a hoard of people sitting at the bar while waiting for their table to be ready.  The place was packed and there were barely some any room to move around while waiting.  Even with our reservation we had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes.



The menu at Peter Luger. 

It is a really sparse menu with the main focal point being their famous porterhouse steak sized for two, for three and for four.



As soon as we sat down our waiter brought the Peter Luger famous steak sauce and a basket of assorted bread.  I really did not care for the sauce but apparently people really enjoy the sauce.  The bread was so hard and un-edible.  We asked our waiter if he would heat up the bread and he replied that if he went the kitchen the chef will kick him out of the kicthen with our request.  Needless to say nobody touch the bread!  It could break someone head if we throw it across the room.

We ordered 2 bottles of their cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine was actually pretty good.


This is their famous bacon that it so thick and had very little fat on it.  I thought it was the best bacon I had ever enjoyed! These strips are so thickly cut, they are like a mini ham steak. The only problem is you can not find this type of bacon anywhere but at Peter Luger.



Close look at the bacon so you can see the thickness!  It is at least 1 inch 1/2!  The bacon is simply amazing!

You should check the "Best Thing I Ever Ate" (link is below), they also show how the bacon is cooked.  However I would definitely skip the last portion of the video because I simply do not care for Peter Luger's steak sauce but the video is pretty interesting to watch!



Peter Luger only serve steak for two, for three and for four.  Since there are eight of us we decided to go with steak for 2 (rare) and steaks for 4 (medium rare).  They only serve rare and medium rare, you can not request anything else! 

Our waiter came around with two gigantic platters of sizzling beef, and when that behemoth is put on our table, you canít help but stare!  The meat is already cut into small portion and then our waiter proceed to pour some melted butter on top of the steaks.  The plates are tilted so that the juice can run freely and stay at the bottom of the plate.  




The steak had a beautiful crust, and was perfectly cooked at medium-rare, and rare. 

The steaks were simply amazing!  They just melted in your mouth, so flavorful and so juicy!  Our waiter told us the steaks are dry age between 2 to 4 weeks. 



In addition to the steak, we ordered a side of creamed spinach, a fried potatoes and German potatoes. The spinach was very rich and I really enjoyed the crispiness of the German potatoes.  


Kevin enjoying his steaks!  He like the steaks so much that he requested we go back the next day for Lunch!

Kevin did not say a word during dinner but he was moaning (ooh, ooh, etc..) and kept touching his forehead.  Elicia sitting next to him thought he was sick but then she realized he was just enjoying his meat so much that he could not say a word except to moan with pleasure.



Hoa and I munching on the bone..


We devoured everything on our plate!


After we are done with our meal.  There was nothing left!  We even much on the bone

Here is a good summary of the Peter Luger restaurant experience that you should also watch:


We are a bunch of happy camper here!


We were so full so we only ordered coffee Ice cream for Kevin and an apple strudel to share.

Close look at the apple strudel.  It is actually pretty good.  The portion is huge.


The apple strudel came with a huge bow of Schlag, Peter Lugerís version heavy whipped cream. The Schlag was pretty good but again it was so much and we barely made an dent in it.



Behind us is a painting of the Williamsburg bridge back then (I don't know when it was painted) but on the right is the actual picture of bridge present time.  Notice that back then the neighborhood was somehow naked without trees.  The homes/apartments on the right are gone and are now replaced with tall buildings.   In the old all days you can see a tall dome (maybe a church), well that is gone as well.

The lady taking reservation.. You should see the reservation list she was holding.  If you want to eat at Peter Luger make sure to bring cash because they don't take checks nor credit card.


As we were walking out the restaurant we realized they even have an ATM just right outside so you can withdraw money to pay your bill just in case you did not bring any cash!

The steaks here are truly amazing! We will definitely stop by again on our next trip to New York.  We were so full that we asked the taxi driver  to drop us off Mid way to our destination so we can digest the food before going to bed.

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