New York City- 8/16/11 -8/28/11

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Felidia- Desserts

Dessert was a sampler quartet!  From left to right: the quartet consisted of a raspberry tapioca with sorbet, chocolate cake with Nutella,  citrus tiramisu topped with strawberry and Palacinche di Stagione warm crepes of Trieste, filled with rosehip jam, topped with pistachio and somekind of nuts concuction.  My two favorites were the crepe and the Tiramisu.  The Tiramisu was light, fresh, and simply amazing, it is a different take on an Italian classic.  The crepe was warm and also excellent.  The sorbet served as a cleanse palate but I enjoyed the tapioca pearl that reminds me of Asian dessert.  By the time I got to the Chocolate cake I was too full so I could not finish it.



Close look at the dessert.


Compliments of the chef: assorted Italian cookies.  We complained and said there are 8 of us but there are only three or four of each type and therefore difficult for everyone on the table to have a taste of each cookie.   Our waiter said he will bring out more, the cookies are baked at the restaurant and we can have as much as we wanted...



True to his words, he brought out another plate of cookies and needless to say we ate them all!



Ending our meal with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Cute containers with different types of sugar for our coffee.


In between our meal...

Joe and Dung enjoying their wine.....



The Cavetelli with Calabrase Andouille is brought out from the kitchen in a large skillet. They have a small portable cart where the waiter is laying out 8 plates (for our table) and then proceed to spoon in the food.  Most of the food are plated in the main dining table so everyone can see.

Here I am finished my last bite of Cavettelli.. The home made cavettelli was wonderful and the sauce is so flavorful. 

Joe having a good time at Felidia. 


Waiter de-boning a fish.  It is pretty interesting to see them work.

Felidia is a really nice restaurant, it is probably the best upscale Italian food I have ever eaten!   The service is great and Chef Nicotra made the night very special by coming out to greet us.   Once our meal was over, Chef N stepped out for a a minute to ask us if everything was fine and before he could say a word , we were clapping and he bowed gently and said: " so did I beat Morimoto this time?".


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