New York City- 8/16/11 -8/28/11

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Day 2- High line

The High Line is a 1-mile park built on a 1.45-mile section of the former elevated freight railroad spur called the West Side Line, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. The High Line was redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway and the vegetation was chosen to pay homage to the wild plants that had colonized the abandoned railway before it was repurposed. The recycling of the railway into an urban park has spurred real estate development in the neighborhoods which lie along the line.

The High Line opened to trains in 1934.  By 1950 the growth of interstate trucking led to a drop in rail traffic throughout the nation.  The tracks were abandoned in the 1970ís and had taken on a life of their own with wildflowers and even trees growing between them and no trains have run on the High Line since 1980. Before it was turned into a park, the line was in disrepair.  In 2004, the New York City government committed $50 million to establish the proposed park. Part of the park opened to the public on June 8, 2009.

When you walk up the stair into the High line you will be so surprise.  The place is simply amazing!

It is unexpected oasis of serene calm and tranquility.


Many low maintenance grasses and wildflowers were selected to create a sustainable garden while echoing its former abandoned past.



 Great architecture, Bright, shiny, new, innovative and perfectly integrated into the surrounding. 

It is a truly  unique elevated park  makes you feel like you should paid to get in the gates.



We don't have a great camera and by this time it is getting really dark. 



In this section the floor was designed to be wet!

There a lot of young couples hanging out and making out...


Couples sitting around to relax, talking or just to enjoy a nice quiet evening.

After the success of the High line park you can see that they are building quite a lot next to it.



Art objects are placed on the pathways,  merging industrial design nature. .


Wild vegetation that blends in perfectly with the old rails.


People walking around....



View from the top of the elevated high line park.

Uncle Larry and Kim


Here we are resting a bit after a long walk.  It was so pleasant that we wanted this walk to never end....  



More vegetations on the pathway.



View of the city from the park..

This is the end of our walk.


As we are walking down the stairs we saw a bunch of people gathering around and we were wondering what's going on.

Turn out the Lot underneath the High Line park is a temporary public plaza below the High Line with free events, family activities, an outdoor bar, food trucks and more..


They set up lots tables and chairs under a tent and people can go buy their food and drink with a bunch of Food trucks around.  Cheap entertaining.


Lots of young people getting together on a Thursday night!


The high line park view from above.  the rail is pretty long and each section is designed differently so it is never boring when you walk around.

Rail station view from Street level.

There is no know you would know that the park in on top unless someone told you.


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