The 2 Kevins in Paris - 6/09

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Dinner chez Den and Nana - Day 6

After a day of shopping and hanging around with Alex and Christopher (my brother's kids) the kids are headed to Den's and Nana's house for a BBQ dinner.

Alex and Christopher took the train from Troyes, about 1:30 minutes train ride to Paris, to be able to spend some time with Kevin.

Phung, Christopher, Kevin, Kevin, Alex

a Friend, Mai-ling and Julie

Christopher, Kevin, Kevin and Alex hanging around in the backyard...



Sui, Nana and Den in the kitchen...

Tutu in the back ground.. We just visited her in L.A a few weeks ago


Davan, Den's and Nana's daughter.

Nana making some gaufres.


Trang and Toan

Kevin and Davan


This only part of the family!

1st Row: Julie, Christopher, Toan (covered partly), Alexandre, Kevin Vu, Bebe's friend at the end

2nd Row:Trang, Kevin, Den, Tutu, Mai-Ling, a Friend, Phunh

3rd row: Anthony, Davan, Nana, and Bebe holding Chloe


This is a fun picture of everyone!


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