The 2 Kevins in Paris - 6/09

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Parcours Acrobranche -Day 4

Acrobranche -Acro(short for acrobate) -Branche (branch). Design for people to fly from tree to tree using logs, barrels, bridges, trapezes and zip lines and more.  People are harnessed onto a steel cable and then fly away for a series of breathtaking zip-line glides.

Trang (Hoa's brother) took the boys to Acrobranche located close to DisneyLand France located about 20 miles from Paris.

Putting on helmets....


This the training session... showing they boys how to work with ropes...



The whole program takes about 3 to 4 hours but the boys only have about 2 hours so they were only able to enjoy only part of the program.  The boys had to be home by 7:00PM for dinner at Trang's and Siu's



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