The 2 Kevins in Paris - 6/09

Arrival/Louvre Montmatre La Defense Notre Dame Acrobranche Dinner chez Trang Champs de Mars Paris by night Dinner chez Den Parc D'asterix

Dinner at Trang and Sui's house- Day 4


Kevin, Phung, Kevin, Trang and Mai-Ling( Trang's daughter)

Kevin, Kevin, Anthony (Tahng's son) Trang, Phung and Mai-Linh.

The kids hanging out in the garden while waiting for dinner.


Dinner is served!  Kevin requested some French food so they got Quiche, Duck steak, boiled shrimps, French fried and lots of excellent bread.


Kevin told me he had an excellent meal and it was so nice to dine with Trang's family and cousins Phung and Julie!


Hanging around after the meal is over....

Kevin, Julie, Kevin and Anthony.


This is the same picture but I rotate it 180 degree so we can see everyone!


The fun bunch! 


Some kind of dance or just goofing off?


Trying to coordinate the jump.


Still not perfect... okay one more time..


Just perfect timing!  Sound like so much fun.

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