Two Kevins in Paris - 6/09

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La Défense -Day 3

La Défense is a major purpose-built business district in the outskirt of  Paris. In the 1960s, Charles de Gaulle led an effort to level the area and concentrate skyscrapers in a single business district, rather than altering the character of downtown Paris with large commercial buildings. La Défense is probably one of the  most modern and imposing landmarks in Paris, situated at the western end of the Axis Historique (I'll explain it bit later). 


Le Pouce (the Thumb) is a 12-metre (40-foot) sculpture by César Baldaccini.  Le Pouce is an exact image of his own thumb but enlarged with the help of a pantograph. 

Both Kevin's posing in front of the giant thumb.

Winged Angel statue at la Défense

Closer look at the statue.  On the left there is a hand holding the foot of the anger... a bit scary for my taste.

Kevin and Thierry - Thumbs up!



Nice view from la Défense! Looking straight ahead is the Arc de Triomphe.




You  can see better the Arc or Triomphe in both pictures.. This is also a partial view of the Axe Historique (see below).


The Axe Historique

I'll refer to the Axe Historique quite a bit throughout the website so it is good to have really good look at the map.

The Axe historique ("historical axis") is a line of monuments and buildings that extends from the centre of  Paris to the west. It is also known as the "Voie Triomphale" (triumphal way).  La Voie Triomphale is an amazing nine-kilometres long linear route which dominates central and western Paris. This route is consists of some of Paris' most famous landmarks like the Louvre,  Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and ends up right here at La Défense with its Grande Arche.

The 2 Kevins posing in front of La Grande Arche de la Défense,  usually known as La Grande Arche. 

The Arche is the 20th century version of the Arc the Triomphe.  La Grande Arche marks the end of the "Axe historique" 

Kevin, Kevin and Den under La Grande Arche.



Lunch at Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus is a French steakhouse, with more than 71 restaurants, Hippo is a well-known brand spread all over France.  Hoa and I we used to love eat there so we told Kevin that he must try to eat there.. 

Inside the restaurant...

The famous steak frites with Béarnaise sauce.  Kevin told me that the steak was very good and the French fries were excellent! 


Thumbs up for the food!

Den and Thierry.  Looks like Den is having a steak tartar!

Posing in front of  Hippopotamus sign!


Phung, Den and Kevin

Here the gang... Kevin, Phung, Kevin and Den

The restaurant looks pretty casual to me but for some reason I remember it to be a fancier restaurant. 

We used to go to the Hippo in the Opera area so maybe it was a bit more upscale than this one here at la Défense.


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