Spring Gathering - Welcome Party - 5/24/08

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The Appetizers menu

The guests are arriving so it is time to start the party with some Appetizers.

On the left: Crab Salad on Endive leaves, and  on the right: Mix Sea food platter.


Shrimp/Crab Crostini platter is a hit!  They disappeared in a flash!

Caramelized mushrooms bouches


The guests

Elicia and Vyvy.  It is a rare occasion that cousins can get together.  Elicia is in New York and Vvvy is in L.A.



Thuy, Chi Lien, Doan, Hanh, Tuan, and Phuc

Tuan, Duy and Dung

Uncle Larry, Khoi, Zach, Vyvy, Justin, Elicia, Peter and Mai.

What a lovely couple! 


I am adding more food on the appetizers plates as more guests are arrinving.


Auntie Kim and Elicia sampling a few appetizers.

The group enjoying the appetizers.

The guests are mingling while sipping a glass of wine..

Looks like everyone is having fun here.

Phuong and Doan

Group portrait...


Lots of conversation going on...

Hoa and I sitting down and enjoying a few appetizers.

It's been an hour now into the appetizers and I think the Guests are waiting for dinner to be served...

 I got help from the ladies to clear out the appetizers and to make room for the Pad Thai.

Next... On to Dinner



Our house


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