Spring Gathering - Welcome Party - 5/24/08

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The twins

Our friends Jennifer and Tri brought their twin girls to the party. The girls were the high light of the party.

Most of our kids are now teenagers so having the girls were a nice change.  The girls were so good!  I don't think they even cry once.

This is Emily.

This is Nathalie.  Both were born on March 1st so both girls are almost 3 months old.  They are just adorable.

Hanh and Thuy holding the girls so that Jennifer and Tri can enjoy themselves.

They are just too cute!

Thuy holding both girls at the same time.

Even Bui is joining in and held the baby for a long time

The girls felt right at home.  They were very content and were happy to be held all evening.


The older kids...

Khoi having fun while climbing the old Olive tree in our garden.

After Dinner, Zach and  Max (our neighbor's kids) and Khoi became friends.  They were about the same age and bonded right away.   Here they are playing the Wii and when it was time to go home Zach told his parents he did not want to leave because they were having so much fun.

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