Spring Gathering - Welcome Party - 5/24/08

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On to Dinner..

Time to set up the Dinner table!

On the menu we have Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Thai Curry, BBQ Ribs, Chicken Sate with cucumber Salad, Lao beef Salad and Thai Squid Salad.  We also have Pad Thai but the table was too small so I had to put the Pad Thai on the appetizers table on the side.

A few guests helping themselves to the food.

Time for our guests to sit down and enjoy their dinner!


My neighbor Tin Tin grabbing dinner

Lan Huong and Vinh drove from L.A. to be able to see Auntie Kim and Uncle Larry.

Seems like everyone is enjoying their dinner.  Hoa also set up a few portable heaters so it was very comfortable sitting outside.


Mike , Me and Lan Huong...I have not seen Mike in ages so it was nice to catch up.

Looks like Anh Hung and Trung in a serious conversation..

Thuy and Chi Tan


Ha, Thuy and Chi Tan...

Dung and Tuan

Khang, Mai-Chi, Vyvy, Bui, Mai, Peter and Elicia.  Mai and Elicia met while working in Vietnam a few years ago.

I am sure it was nice for Elicia to hook up with Mai and catch up!

Not sure what Lan Anh is doing... but looks like she is having fun.

Lan Anh, Lan Huong and Mike... Cheers!

The kids area...

Michelle, Elise and Kevin

Michelle, Kevin Vu and Rachel.

My cousin Lan Anh brought some Cha Gio and my Aunt Kim went around to pass them out...

Family corner... Lan Huong, Mike, Kim, Lan Huong and Michael.


Mai and Peter

Lydia, Uncle Larry's niece and her boyfriend Robin.

Next... Desserts



Our house


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