Spring Gathering - Welcome Party - 5/24/08

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The set up

The big day finally arrived!  My Aunt Kim, Uncle Larry and Elicia are in town so we organized Welcome Party amongst family members and friends. I did not sleep well last night!  There was just much excitement in the air.  When I opened my eyes, the first thing I did was glancing outside my bedroom's window.   I knew the forecast called for morning shower but I was hoping that the prediction was wrong.  Was it wishful thinking?  Yep, unfortunately the forecast was right.  How happened?  This is the end of May!  Whatever happened to the famous song claiming that it never rains in California? 

 Aargh, all I could do is crossed my fingers and hope that the weather will clear later on.  We are expecting a little over 60 guests and the only option is to have all of the set up in our backyard.  There is no plan B!  We just cannot fit 60 people inside for a sit down dinner.  Fortunately, by 10:00am the rain vanished making room for a gray sky with a few rays of sunshine peaking out.  I was happy!  I'll take a cloudy day for this event.  At least I now know, with peace in mind,  that we will be able to have all the set up as planned! 

Tables are set up for the adults!  We did not have enough chairs so I asked my friends to bring a lot more chairs so everyone can sit down.


I think the headcount is 42 Adults and 18 kids so I'll need to set up at least 3 to 4 tables just for the adults.


Setting up more tables... The three round tables at the end are for the kids and the table with the blue tablecloth are for the adults.


The menu is print out!  Napkins and flatware are individually wrapped!

Drinks are brought out, the appetizers table (way at the end) is also set up.


Getting ready for the Party!

Uncle Larry, Elicia and My Aunt Kim are now dressed up and waiting for the guests to arrive.

Justin and Elicia

Lan Huong, me, Elicia, my aunt Kim and Justin.

Maily was one of the first guest to arrive...

Mai-Chi, Khang, Vyvy, Lan Huong, and Kevin.

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