Spring Gathering - Welcome Party - 5/24/08

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It is getting late and the weather is getting a bit chili outside so we moved the party inside.

I think we were glad to be inside because it is much warmer, more comfortable, and lot cozier.


 I had to improvise a little and set up a small table so most of us could sit and continue our conversation..


Lan Huong started to show us her jewelry!  I told you earlier that she loves Diamonds.

All of the ladies went crazy over the jewelry! 

Auntie Kim trying on open a Diamond necklace while Lan Anh is inspecting it.

All eyes were on Lan Huong's jewelry bag!

The diamond Jewelry passing from hand to hand...The ladies were in heaven.

We still checking out more jewelry!

While the ladies were checking out Lan Huong's jewelry the guys were in their own world: Texas Hod'm.


I am sure the guys can play Texas Hold'm everyday if we let them.  They just love the game.

Huan's wife hide behind him because she was a little embarrassed to be photographed playing cards.

This picture was taken around 1:30Am when all the guests left!  Vinh and Hoa were hungry and decided to bring out the leftovers and have a little snack.  At this late hour for some reason the food just taste better.

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