Spring Gathering - Welcome Party - 5/24/08

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A look behind the Scene

Here is a rare look behind the scene.  Hoa never takes any pictures while I am preparing the food but there is always an exception to the rules.  Uncle Larry is with us so he thought it would be interesting to take a few pictures during preparation work.

My aunt is laughing because I did not wanted to be photographed with my hair wet and uncombed (I just came out of the shower)!  The kitchen is a war zone with lots of things still needing to be prepared.

I just finished baking the Casava Cakes (Banh Khoai Mi) and Auntie Kim is washing the molds.  On the right side the shells for the Tarts just came out of the oven and are resting on a rack cooler.   I will fill up the shells with a crème Pâtissière and will decorated them with Strawberries, and mixed Berries.

Dinner plates, Appetizers plates, and flatware are ready to be set up outside.

The bar area.  Wine, Coffee, and Tea will be served in this area.

Lan Huong came early to help out and give me a hand in the kitchen.

She is cutting the bread for the shrimp/crab Crostini.


The skirt steaks are lightly grilled and then cut into small pieces.

Once the meat is all cut up, green Asian eggplant, fish sauce, cilantro, lemon juice, rice powder, etc..  will be added to the dish and will become the Lao Beef salad.  This is a really tasty dish.

The génoise cake is done absorbing the rum syrup and is decorated with candied Kumquats.  Powdered sugar will be added at the last minute.

The Casava cakes are also ready.  The two white plates are set aside for the fruits tarts.

Well, that's all folks until the next party!



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