Big Island, Hawaii - 6/17/11 -6/26/11

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The arrival/view of our room


Welcome Dinner

The food

Lunch at Ba Le

Dinner at Daniel Thiebaut

Anaehoomalu bay

Pacific Lua

The Food

Legend of the pacific Show

Hapuna beach

Burger challenge


Mauna loa volcano

Black sand beach

Dinner at Sansei

Touring the resort

Tour continuation

Tower palace/Wedding

Farewell dinner



 Day 2 - Welcome Dinner -The arrival

Dung's company always organized two dinners per trip, a Welcome Dinner and a Farewell Dinner.  The Welcome dinner is usually buffet style and the Farewell Dinner is a sit down dinner.

All dressed up and somewhere to go to...



Chau and Mui

Phuc, Spencer and Huyen.

I cannot believe that at 13 Spencer is already taller than his mom now.

Crossing a suspended bridge over the swimming pool!  A few kids had the idea to jump up and down so that bridge sway back and forth to create a little excitement and fun.  We had to hold on to side of the bridge in order to walk...

The dinner is set up next to the pool overlooking the ocean

This area was reserved exclusively for Dung's company!

I think there were around 150 people in total.

Family portrait! 


Justin, Tuan, Hanh, and Arianna

Mui and her son Bo.

Mui, Chau and Bo (too bad he closed his eyes here)

Chau and his nephew Martin.

Anh Man is Dung's brother in law and he is also the photographer for the whole company.


The dinner is set up next to the pool and in front is the ocean.. It was a really nice place to eat and watch the sunset.


Our table...

Tickets were giving out for cocktail, wine and soft drinks...


The whole group together!

From left bottom: Maily, Tuan, Hanh, Minh, Loan

Left top: Phuong, Huong, Chau, Mui, Tuan, Dung, Huyen, Phuc, Annie (Me) and Hoa.

The kids....

The boys mingling....

Sunset in the horizon!





The weather was so nice but then the wind picked up and suddently the whole area was so windy that our hair was flying all over...


Tuan and Maily enjoying a cocktail!

Mui and I.

Hoa and I

Tuan and Hanh

Next..  The food



Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin