Big Island, Hawaii - 6/17/11 -6/26/11

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The arrival/view of our room


Welcome Dinner

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Lunch at Ba Le

Dinner at Daniel Thiebaut

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Pacific Lua

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 Day 3 - Lunch a Ba-Le

We looked for a Vietnamese restaurant in the Big Island and we saw they have a Ba Le restaurant so we decided to give it a try.  Ba Le is about a 30 minutes drive from our resort.  This is a really BIG island so driving to your destination is a common thing.  Nothing is close by, towns are spread out so expect to drive at least 30 minutes to get around. We stayed the majority of our trip on the Kona side of the island, which is the north west side of the Island.



Ba Le was the first Vietnamese sandwich shop to open in San Jose and they were doing so well back in the 80's.  Then one day without any reason they closed shop and moved to Hawaii.  We all thought that this restaurant is the same "Ba Le" than the one in San Jose.   But after talking to the owner we realized that this "Ba Le", meaning "Paris" in Vietnamese and not Ba Le (there is a dot a the bottom of the E and it is pronounce differently in Vietnamese) .  This is a copy cat, not the real deal.


Food counter where you have to go up there to give them your order.



The Menu

Most of us opted for Pho...

I know there is something with us Vietnamese, we have to have Pho wherever we go...

The special sandwich cost $8 a piece!  What a rip-off.  We were so shocked by the price.

In the bay area the cost is less than $3.00 and we get a much tastier sandwich but we are in the big Island and this is the only Vietnamese food we can get.

They told us that they have to import all their ingredients from Oahu and that's why the price is so high.


Pho's broth supposed to be clear .. Well this is not the case!

After our meal we all complaint that we drive 30 minutes for a lousy meal! 


Walking to Buddha point

After lunch we wanted to walk around the area but there was nothing to see so we went back to the resort to take a little nap. 

Since I cannot nap, Hoa and I decided to take a little stroll toward Buddha point which is one of most serene and peaceful sunset viewing location on the resort.

On our way there we had to pass by Kohala Pool.

Water fall in the Kohala pool


Different view of the pool.  They displayed giant statues of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.


The Kohala River Pool is perfect for children with its system of four pools connected by water slides and a gently flowing river.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to lounge in the shade this tent is for rent...

Ocean tower

Gorgeous and relaxing view of the Ocean.


A lady reading a Kindle!  (Hoa works for Kindle).


This is the ultimate relaxation!
Quiet, relaxing, and beautiful view.. Life in Paradise!

A guy paddling in the distance..

No sandy beach...just lava rocks.


This the view of the Lagoon tower from Buddha point.  The Lagoon tower is located close to the Tennis court.

Sculptures of goats strategically placed amongst tall coconut trees.

Large statue of Buddha sitting majestically over looking the Ocean.

This place is so peaceful that if you want to can meditate here.

We noticed a lot of people write message by putting white rocks on top of the lava rocks.

People probably had to  bring a bunch of white rocks and then lined them up to form letters to write their messages.

Close look at one of the message.

Lava rocks...

Hoa taking a quick nap!

There is a constant breeze so it is so comfortable and easy to fall a sleep.

View of the other side of the resort.


Next.. Dinner at Daniel Thiebaut



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