Big Island, Hawaii - 6/17/11 -6/26/11

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The arrival/view of our room


Welcome Dinner

The food

Lunch at Ba Le

Dinner at Daniel Thiebaut

Anaehoomalu bay

Pacific Lua

The Food

Legend of the pacific Show

Hapuna beach

Burger challenge


Mauna loa volcano

Black sand beach

Dinner at Sansei

Touring the resort

Tour continuation

Tower palace/Wedding

Farewell dinner



 Day 7 - Touring the resort

Before we start touring the resort here is a quick map so have an idea how huge this resort is.  The resort is nestled within 62 ocean front acres so don't expect to explore the resort in a day. All of our rooms are located a the Ocean towers (top right -building in pink, looks like an 8 with 3 loops).  The lobby is in the bottom at 7:00 o'clock on the map, it is quite a walk from  the lobby to our room, about 10 minutes.  The walkway (dotted line on the maps) are filled with art collection consisting of works from Asian, Western, and Oceanic cultures. There are more than 1800 pieces in their collection valued at more than $7 million.

I am taking you on a little tour of the resort starting from the Lagoon tower (on the left hand side-far left) and we are going to walk all the way to Ocean tower (far right).  All the art you are going to see are displayed throughout the buildings, on the grounds of the lush tropical gardens, and in open air. Most of them are Beautiful Asian and Polynesian artwork.  

Buddha head situated just close to the tennis court.


As soon as you get off the tennis court, you have to walk by the Spa area, very relaxing...

Orchid and soothing water fountain


Polynesian artwork.


Shields from New Guinea.

Shields of many types were used throughout the western Pacific.  Essentially defensive warfare instruments, shields were often displayed as part of a specialized ceremonial activity at home.  Elaborate designs were carved and painted on the surface, most often representing the clan and the totemic associations of the owner.  Each of these 5 shields represents a different region in New Guinea.


Slit Gong Drum - Sepik River from Papua, New Guinea

The slit Gong drum is one of the most important musical instruments of the Sepik region.  It was used to accompany ceremonies and dances, but every day it was used to transmit messages.  different typed of rhythm patterns were used to signal individuals, to announce meetings and to transmit warnings.

Hand made wooden oars



Close look at the head of the ceremonial crocodile figure from Papua, New Guinea


Ceremonial crocodile figure represents the legendary female crocodile who brought the earth at the beginning of the creation of mankind.  The figure is hollow and is used as a type of mask for several dancers on special ceremonial occasions such as the initiation of young members.




We are now reaching the lobby...

Gorgeous parrot on display in the front lobby.  There is a trainer there and you can take picture with them for a fee.  


This the boat canal landing located just outside the lobby.




Large Buddha head.



Walkways from the lobby to the Ocean towers.

You can see the art work are displayed so the public can enjoyed while walking.  Good piece of conversation.





Dragon sculpture.


View from the walkway into the resort and the ocean.




Three Bodhisattvas, Burma

The three carved wooden statues are representative of the bodhisattvas who, upon reaching the final stage of enlightenment, postpone entering Nirvana to help teach and guide all humankind to salvation


This is the entrance to the Big Island Breakfast at Water's Edge, located in the heart of the resort.


Walking in the restaurant...

Fish sculpture on display!




This restaurant offers lavish breakfast buffets but we could never make it there on time.. Kevin does not wake up before noon time. 

The view inside the restaurant looking out to the lagoon is breath taking!

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