Big Island, Hawaii - 6/17/11 -6/26/11

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The arrival/view of our room


Welcome Dinner

The food

Lunch at Ba Le

Dinner at Daniel Thiebaut

Anaehoomalu bay

Pacific Lua

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Legend of the pacific Show

Hapuna beach

Burger challenge


Mauna loa volcano

Black sand beach

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Tower palace/Wedding

Farewell dinner



 Day 2 - 6:30AM -Coffee then Tennis

The whole group is here so we met up every morning around 6:30AM for a fresh brewed cup of coffee, a light breakfast.  The tennis court is not open until 7:00PM so we have 30 minutes to sit down, enjoy our coffee, catching up and then we are heading to the tennis court.

This became our daily early meeting place and ritual for the next 8 days!



In the background you will see 2 horses, that is the entrance of the lobby of the Ocean tower where our rooms are.

I usually walk to the tennis court but some of us prefer to take the tram.

It is a really nice walk... we go trough bridges and  really nice exotic garden...


Center Stadium court holding 432-seats. 

Dung reserved 4 courts everyday for us and his friends from 7:00 to 10:00AM.


Central court is a really nice and well maintained court.  They all felt like a pro playing on this court.

The resort has eight PlexiCushion Hard Courts nestled in the midst of beautiful, tropical foliage.


I can't play since I injured my elbow but I am here to cheers everyone!


Hoa in action


Game in progress...

Everyday Vanessa, the lady that takes care of the court, brought us iced water and Gatorade.  We befriended her and we got the best service ever!


Group pictures on central court.. We are still missing a few people because the were playing tennis on the regular court.


Every morning we would use at least 3 courts.  All of us are playing double.  Single is physically too demanding for our age.

This is one of the regular court.


After Tennis, we all go back to our room and rest and then we meet up again for lunch.


The lagoon beach in the resort

Today we decided to hang around the Lagoon beach.  Here guests can relax on the sandy man-made lagoon beach.  In addition, the Lagoon Beach offers an assortment of water activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling. The lagoon is man made but the salt water is irrigated from the ocean and you'll see sea turtles and hundreds of colorful reef fish in the 4-acre lagoon. 

The lagoon is very shallow so kids can swim there safely.  Lost of people are renting the water activities gears.

Bo and Martin testing the water....(it is too cold for me!)

We got a bunch of chairs and we lay there lazily enjoying the sun.

Hoa caught a lady reading the with the Kindle (he works for them) and to our surprise on the plane and on the beach there are so many people using the Kindle.




Adam and Eve? Paradise on earth?

The weather was so nice and there is a constant breeze so it was so comfortable that I got sun burn without knowing it.

Lunch time..

Time to grab something to eat...we just picked the first restaurant close to the Lagoon.




Their hamburgers, French fries, and onion rings were pretty good!


The kids having their own table.  Now that they are grown up we rarely check on them.  They can order what they want.


Dolphin Quest Learning Lagoon

Right next to the restaurant the Dolphin quest is situated on the right of the kids' table (picture above) so you can actually eat and watch people pet the dolphins.  The program is as much about learning from and about the dolphins as it is about letting people pet and swim with the playful mammals.

I was told that the dolphins have had ample opportunity to escape, but prefer to stay where they are. They donít even like moving to the larger lagoon adjacent to their own lagoon.

If you are interested in learning more about dolphins, you can sign up for the Adult Encounter with Dolphin Quest, a 30-minute program where you get to swim with dolphins.


Be sure to book well in advance since this program is very popular and it is also very expensive (over $100 and it is for a very short time).


In this program the dolphins are never forced to do anything they donít want to, and they do whatever they want to.


Ocean Pool


After lunch we decided to walk to the Ocean pool to check it out.


The Ocean Pool is the adults only pool where you can enjoy cocktails and relax in the sun.

The pool is surrounded by lush greenery and a perfect retreat for sunning, swimming and even napping. 

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