Big Island, Hawaii - 6/17/11 -6/26/11

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The arrival/view of our room


Welcome Dinner

The food

Lunch at Ba Le

Dinner at Daniel Thiebaut

Anaehoomalu bay

Pacific Lua

The Food

Legend of the pacific Show

Hapuna beach

Burger challenge


Mauna loa volcano

Black sand beach

Dinner at Sansei

Touring the resort

Tour continuation

Tower palace/Wedding

Farewell dinner



 Day 7 - Museum walkway continuation

The tram stopping at one of the station.

Beautiful vista...

Water canal

Painted by McGovney Hansen -1990


Narayana, Incarnate of Vishnu-Thailand

Narayana is an earthly embodiment or incarnate of the Hindu god Vishu.  This Bronze sculpture is representative of the 19th century Bangkok Style. 

Winged lion?  sitting in the garden


Harikara is an image that contains the qualities of the god Shiva and Vishau

From Thailand

Buddha head

Different Buddha style from Thailand.


Standing Buddha, Burma

This is an example of an 18th century styled Burmese standing Jambupati (princely) Buddha.  The Buddha's hand gesture is one of reassurance and the dispelled of fear.


A Buddha statue placed in the garden.


Huge vases adorning the hallway


Hand crafted wooden door from Burma

Hand carved wooden chair from Burma



Japanese festival Dolls, Japan

More Japanese Festival dolls



A little water fall nestled in a corner of a wall.



Japanese walkway bridge.




This place is tranquil and relaxing.


Japanese house in the pond.


Water lilies in the pond.



Huge Koi fish in the pond.  You can feed them if you have any fish food!


A Japanese Temple guardian

Wooden temple guardian is a reproduction of the ones carved by sculptor Unkei for the south gate of the great temple of Todai-Ji in Nara, Japan.  The originals were produced during the Kamakura period (1183-1333 AD) and were almost 30 feet tall.


Elephant carved in wood.


Three Bodhisattvas, Burma

The three carved wooden statues are representative of the bodhisattvas who, upon reaching the final stage of enlightenment, postpone entering Nirvana to help teach and guide all humankind to salvation

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Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin