4 days in Brittany, France - 09/26/2023-9/29/2023

Day 1-St. Brieuc
St Brieuc

Dinner aux Pesked

Day 2-Dinan
Dinan, Old Town

Rue Jerzual

The port of Dinan

Church of Saint-Malo

City tour

Dinner a La Fleur de Sel

Day 3-St-Malo/Cancale
The ramparts of St. Malo

The ramparts cont.

Lunch with Katherine

The Sillon Beach


Dinner at Bistro Pilote

Dinan at Night

Day 4-Dinard/St Jacut de la mer
Plage de L'ecluse

Seaside promenade

Lunch at La cour de recre

Clair de Lune promenade

Saint Jacut de la mer

Dinner at Longueville

Day 3- Dinner at Bistro Pilote, Dinan-9/28/2023

Our landlady recommended Bistro Pilote for dinner located on the bank of the river Rance at the port of Dinan Lanvallay

The port of Dinan Lanvallay after sun down is beautiful.


So peaceful and beautiful.


The viaduct on the left and the Bistro is on the right.


The front of the bistro Pilot.


The interior is charming and cozy.  The owner was delighted that our landlady sent us down to see her, so she gave us the biggest table in the restaurant.


Decoration on the table


Simple table setting.


The menu




Sautéed shrimps/mix salad/mixed tomatoes.


Vitello Tonnato: veal Carpaccio, tuna sauce, anchovies and capers


Grilled Focaccia, olive oil, marinated vegetables, Serrano ham and Mozzarella de Bufala.

They have 3 appetizers and we ordered all three.




Pan seared duck breast, crème fraiche sauce, served with mixed salad and spaghetti.


The portion is really generous.


The duck break is really tasty and the sauce is a bit rich for my taste.


Grilled beef marinated with a teriyaki soy lemongrass and served with sweet potatoes.


Really good with an Asian flavor.


Rum flambé with Pineapples and figs


Oh man, They really pour a lot of rum on this dessert!


Fromage blanc with fresh fruits and coulis of exotic fruits.


Fondant au chocolat, exotics fruits cut in dice and serve with Kalamnsi ice cream



Mia, Thierry, and Hoa enjoying the evening.



The owner gave us some Limoncello to toast!

Very cozy ambiance with great service, the food is ok but we had such a good time dinning together and having a wonderful time.


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