4 days in Brittany, France - 09/26/2023-9/29/2023

Day 1-St. Brieuc
St Brieuc

Dinner aux Pesked

Day 2-Dinan
Dinan, Old Town

Rue Jerzual

The port of Dinan

Church of Saint-Malo

City tour

Dinner a La Fleur de Sel

Day 3-St-Malo/Cancale
The ramparts of St. Malo

The ramparts cont.

Lunch with Katherine

The Sillon Beach


Dinner at Bistro Pilote

Dinan at Night

Day 4-Dinard/St Jacut de la mer
Plage de L'ecluse

Seaside promenade

Lunch at La cour de recre

Clair de Lune promenade

Saint Jacut de la mer

Dinner at Longueville

Day 4- Lunch at La cour de recre, Dinard-9/29/2023

We were just walking around looking for a restaurant to have lunch and we stumbled into La cour de recre.

The front of the restaurant.


La cour de recre means the playground.


The menu


Cheese  Bacon, beef, tomme de savoie, avocado, tomatoes, red onions, barbecue sauce served with a mixed salad.


The bread was incredible delicious, hearty, crispy and so delicious.


Oeufs mouillettes (soft eggs) with truffles and served with mixed salad and puff pastries.


Basically you dip the puff pastry into the soft boiled egg truffle.  Really fun to eat this.


Bon appetit!


Ham and cheese with a crispy grilled bread.


For dessert we ordered a tarte tatin and a Chocolate mousse with hazelnuts. Both desserts were delicious.


We had an excellent meal here and we were so happy to find this place.


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